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The Challenge? Scheduling Blind

The Policygenius recruiting team was tasked with maintaining the growing demand for top talent at the organization. Prior to Prelude, the team referred to their hiring coordination process as "Calendar Tetris." This manual process involved recruiters checking availability on multiple open browser windows, keeping track of schedules and availability, and finally transferring interviews scheduled to their ATS. Recruiters described this process as "horrifying."

The recruiting team was spending more than 90% of their time on interview scheduling. To Recruiting Operations Specialist Andrea Brent, it felt like they were scheduling blind: unable to understand exactly what was happening with so many calendars and applicants to manage. Hours were spent going back and forth with candidates and negotiating schedules across time zones. 

Ultimately, the team was spending so much time trying to find the perfect schedule that they didn’t feel they were able to devote enough time to creating an ideal candidate experience.

Integrating video interviewing and remote-first culture

Policygenius was ahead of the curve when it came to the transition to a fully remote culture. Because of their remote-first commitment and their distributed workforce, they had an even more complex scheduling protocol that included multiple video interview links. Additionally, they were already leveraging a technical assessment tool (CoderPad) for highly complex roles, and wanted to be able to include those integration details within interview communications. 

With a highly complex process and without a more robust candidate experience and interview scheduling partner, the team was in danger of missing their headcount goals. The entire organization had made a commitment to scale, and the recruiting team needed to support the increased load without compromising on candidate quality and experience.

Leveraging internal partners

Looking inward first, Recruiting Coordinator Christina Seymour worked with the Policygenius Engineering team to explore the possibility of creating an in-house solution. But with other projects taking priority, it was hard to justify the cross-functional effort required to build something outright — especially when Calendar Tetris, while frustrating, still technically worked. 

“We were so desperate for a better way to schedule interviews that we tried out-of-the-box solutions to address a problem we now know Prelude can solve," said Christina.

The Solution? The winning Recruiting tech stack

Once the team determined that there was a need that their internal resources could not meet, the team began looking for a partner that could alleviate the interview scheduling pain they felt. They looked first for tools that would easily integrate alongside their existing ATS system (Greenhouse) and technical assessment tool (CoderPad)

Prelude’s candidate experience platform integrates with Greenhouse as well as CoderPad. With the three hiring platforms working in tandem, the Policygenius team working to fill highly technical positions was able to excel at quickly scheduling interviews and delivering a top-notch candidate experience without adding additional recruiting coordinators to the team.

Leveling up coordination with Prelude

With Calendar Tetris firmly in the rearview mirror, the Policygenius recruiting team found themselves autonomously able to handle high-complexity interview schedules without frequent contact and check-ins with hiring managers. This has improved the internal dynamics between teams. 

Since much of that back and forth was due to checking to see whether or not events on the calendar were movable, product features that assist in scheduling around calendar conflicts from Prelude have been critically impactful. 

The team has also embraced templates to save time. These templates are reducing human error and help to create a smooth candidate experience by ensuring all information is accurate each time. 

The Prelude/Zoom integration has also been a huge benefit for the team as they continue to grow their remote-first culture. The seamless integration has streamlined another key part of their candidate communications by populating the correct Zoom meeting information automatically.

Training interviewers for success

One of the things we enjoy most about working with our customer partners is applying their feedback to the continued evolution of our platform. As one of our earliest customers, Policygenius has had a huge impact on our product. One area in particular that they’ve helped us build out and pressure test is our “Prelude Train” feature. 

With so much interviewing taking place at Policygenius, Christina and Andrea expressed they needed more help to continuously train new interviewers and reduce burnout. Working hand in hand with the team, and based on their feedback we built the first iteration of Prelude Train. 

Prelude Train allows recruiting teams to manage their interviewer's preferences and competencies in one place. Because of this, Policygenius has been able to easily manage interviewer training and shadowing plans at scale, which has been a game-changer for reducing interviewer burnout and building an interviewing culture at the company. 

Interviewer shadowing and reverse shadowing have become part of the Policygenius interview process. They’re also benefiting and reducing time to hire by adding customizable interviewer preferences that reduce reschedules, prevent interviewer burnout, and keep the interviewing team robust enough to handle scaling hiring challenges

The result? An improved workflow and candidate experience 

Looking back on how their recruiting process has changed, Andrea and Christina are in a very different position than they were before. While that progress is gratifying, they admit part of their new process simply means candidates don’t see as much behind the recruiting coordination curtain — and that’s how it’s meant to be. 

Ultimately, the team attributes its success to a few different workflow improvements. Having multiple interviewers grouped by attributes has saved time and reduced strain and interviewer burnout. It’s also reduced back-and-forth communications with hiring managers. 

Additionally, they estimate that having pre-made templates for interview debriefs has saved them 50% more time as compared to their previous process. The new debrief post-interview process is one that the team feels has had the biggest impact. Automatically including debriefs in the onsite scheduling process has sped up the hiring coordination process exponentially.

In 2020, the Policygenius team scheduled over 3,300 panel interviews with Prelude, and saved over 1000 hours of interview scheduling time in the process. The team is now managing high-volume scheduling at a clip that’s matching the expectations set by the leadership team at Policygenius. In 2021 they've been scheduling between 80-120 complex multi-part panel interviews per week!

As the rest of the organization scales, the recruiting team gained two new recruiting coordinators. These new team members were able to quickly integrate Prelude into their recruiting workflow. They now handle the majority of interview scheduling for the rapidly scaling Policygenius team, while Andrea and Christina manage higher-value candidate experience programs. 

The organizational focus on candidate experience has had a powerful impact on hiring. Candidates surveyed report back an overwhelmingly positive response to their experience during the interview process. 

“When I look back at where we were pre-Prelude and then compare it to our current recruiting process, it feels like we’ve advanced lightyears. I appreciate the support of our mission to scale our business, but also my own personal journey with Prelude. Working on high-value candidate experience projects is a passion that I didn’t feel I had the time or resources to commit to before, and one that truly makes an impact in how candidates feel about working at Policygenius,” said Andrea.

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