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Greenhouse is the hiring software company. More than an ATS, Greenhouse helps businesses be great at hiring through their powerful philosophy, complete suite of software and services, and large partner ecosystem – so businesses can hire for what’s next.

Prelude Coordinate is the leading solution for complex interview scheduling. Talent teams like Duolingo and Cloudflare use the platform to schedule onsite interviews in seconds. The Prelude platform enables teams to deliver an exceptional candidate experience.

With Prelude Coordinate, seamlessly integrate your scheduling workflow with Greenhouse. 

Prelude has been selected as Greenhouse’s Preferred Scheduling Partner based on customer feedback.

  • From Greenhouse, press one button to schedule onsites in seconds with Prelude Coordinate
  • Don’t duplicate work- all candidate information, interview kits, and job setup information are synced automatically
  • Interviews scheduled appear back in Greenhouse, just the way you’d expect
  • Use Prelude’s Chrome extension to send custom meeting links to candidates in seconds, so they can pick times that work for them

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