When we started Prelude (formerly Interview Schedule) it was our intention to build a hiring platform that put people at the center of the hiring process. We pride ourselves on saving recruiting teams and HR departments valuable time scheduling interviews so they can focus on creating a great candidate experience. 

A commitment to security and privacy is a cornerstone of the hiring process so it naturally rose to the top of our product priorities from day one. We’re proud to announce that we were just granted SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 certification: reflecting our commitment to continue to prioritize security and privacy. 

We have always wanted to continue to evolve our platform in partnership with our incredible customers. Hundreds of organizations (One Medical, Duolingo, Cloudflare, and Nerdwallet to name just a few) are on this journey with us and we are using their insights to inform our product roadmap. 

Our small but mighty team knew obtaining SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 status was time consuming. We wanted to keep our focus squarely on supporting customers as Prelude continues to evolve and grow. So we chose to partner with Vanta to streamline our security process so we could focus on continuing to be the very best interview scheduling and candidate experience platform out there. 

Our friend and one of Prelude’s earliest investors Jack Altman (Lattice) wrote: “While the end result of the SOC process is a more secure organization, there is a huge amount of unnecessary pain and busy work involved in the accreditation and renewal process. Vanta is simplifying that massively for teams.”

Thanks to the Vanta team for helping us focus on what really matters while honoring our commitment to our customers' security and privacy!

Interested in learning more about how our solution improves the hiring experience? We would love to show you Prelude and answer any questions you may have about our security certifications.