Today, we’re thrilled to announce Prelude - the platform that goes beyond scheduling to supercharge the recruitment process. This evolution comes as our company achieves considerable traction. We’re on track to improve the hiring experience for over 500,000 candidates this year, supporting customers like One Medical, Cloudflare, Duolingo, and Nerdwallet in delivering the best experience for every candidate.

We’re building a future where interviewing is fast, transparent, and personal so that everyone can find the team where they belong, and connect with work they love to do. That starts with a more intuitive hiring process - one that enables teams and candidates to see the best in each other. Great recruiters know that hiring isn’t just a yes or a no, it’s an extension of our team and brand, and it’s an opportunity to tell our story in a way that builds meaningful, lasting relationships. They, like us, believe that every candidate is unique and special – not just a resume in a stack or a number in a system. 

When we started out in 2017 as Interview Schedule, we knew we wanted to put an end to “Calendar Tetris” and build a solution that puts people at the center of the hiring process. Since then, we’ve built a platform that is relied on by over a hundred of the top recruiting teams around the world. Our product has become an integral part of recruiting for companies small and large, ranging from 30 employees to over 15,000, with offices spanning from SF and Denver to Lisbon and Singapore. We’re proud to count some of the fastest growing companies in the world amongst our customers. 

The Prelude platform enables recruiting teams to consistently deliver a standout candidate experience. We offer the most advanced interview scheduling platform, along with a robust way to manage interviewers, and provide engaging, branded interfaces for candidates. Whether teams are scheduling simple screens, complex onsites, or bulk hiring events, Prelude will lower administrative lift, improve the interview experience, and delight candidates. We’ve deepened our integrations (Zoom, Greenhouse, Lever, and Workday to name a few) to support evolving customer needs, and we’re making every candidate touchpoint more customizable, branded, and personal. 

As part of the next step of our journey, we’re excited to welcome Fuel Capital as an investor (and lead on our recent $1.2 million seed round). Fuel joins existing investors Jack Altman, Sam Altman, Elad Gil, and others in helping us reimagine the hiring experience.  We will be using the funds to continue growing the team and to invest in improving every candidate’s experience. If you’d like to join us in working on the future of hiring, take a look at our careers page. 

There’s a lot to celebrate, and we’re just getting started. 


Will Laufer

Founder + CEO