A crucial way Prelude helps you deliver a smooth candidate experience is by providing seamless integrations behind the scenes that you can trust to improve your hiring process. We’re excited to introduce you to these valued partners in our new partner integration blog series.

First up is the technical assessment tool CoderPad which many of our customers who hire for technical roles with complex hiring processes depend on as part of their hiring process. Like most of our product features, we reached out to CoderPad to become an integration partner at a customer’s request. 

CoderPad is a tool used to evaluate an engineer’s skills during an interview: a simple but very powerful online technical assessment software easily customized to the candidate’s language of choice. During busy hiring periods where organizations are under pressure to quickly hire the best talent, tools like CoderPad are invaluable. 

Prelude users benefit from our API integration which allows CoderPad interview links to be added to interview requests, confirmations, and templates with just one click. 

One of the things we like best about CoderPad is the comprehensiveness of its platform: it offers live ‘onsite’ interviews, take-home projects, and collaborative whiteboarding. When using CoderPad in coordination with Prelude our valued customer partners are able to speed up their hiring process without sacrificing in-depth technical evaluation that ensures they end up with the very best candidates and new hires. 

CoderPad was founded in San Francisco and currently serves over 3,300 customers. Its platform has hosted more than three million technical interviews in over 30 languages. Since its earliest days, CoderPad has prided itself on being a platform “built for developers, by developers.” 

In October, CoderPad announced its acquisition of CodinGame, a top candidate assessment platform. The two companies now offer employers a powerful platform to strengthen how they hire technical talent by identifying the best candidates faster while also reducing hiring bias. 

We’re proud to be working with CoderPad to bring our customers the very best candidate experience possible and look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership for years to come. 

Stay tuned for more information on the many Prelude partner integrations as we continue this blog series. You can also learn more about all of the top-notch tools we partner with on our integrations page.