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candidates shine.

Supercharge your hiring process & remove friction from scheduling.

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The Prelude Platform

From scheduling to candidate experience, we help you nail the interview process.

Coordinate interviews with ease.

Prelude Coordinate
makes scheduling a breeze

Coordinate interviews with ease.

From phone screens, to onsites, to high volume scheduling, we have the right workflow for every interview scheduling challenge.

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Create an engaging candidate experience.

Prelude Engage
delights candidates

Create an engaging candidate experience.

Infuse your brand and story into every candidate touch point.
Create an experience that stands out.

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Train interviewers to improve.

Prelude Train turns
interviewers into bar-raisers.

Train interviewers to improve.

Help your company become great at interviewing. Use interviewer training and development to scale the best candidate experience.

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Analyze recruitment efforts.

Prelude Analyze provides
insights on the hiring process.

Analyze recruitment efforts.

Use data to make decisions and improve your process. Track coordination and interviewer metrics that show what isn’t and isn’t working for candidates.

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“Prelude makes a huge difference in automating our recruitment process, and has been a dream to work with because they always listen to our feedback.”

Dineke Mulder

Recruitment Team Lead

“When I look back at where we were pre-Prelude and then compare it to our current recruiting process, it feels like we’ve advanced lightyears.”

Andrea Brent

Recruiting operations specialist

About Prelude


The best interview scheduling platform

Prelude’s scheduling engine can streamline your toughest scheduling requests from hours to seconds.

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The best onsite interview experience.

Diverse panels, automatically generated

Set rules about interviewer load, diversity requirements, and time zones and preferences. We’ll handle the admin and tracking for you.

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Lead with your brand and values.

Show candidates what makes you, you. Share a window into your team and culture with unique, branded candidate touchpoints.

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Prelude (Interview Scheduling) Coordination
Data Driven

Reporting to drive continuous improvements

Measure your coordination efforts and use reporting to help your recruiting team and hiring managers improve.

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Use Prelude to focus on people

Technology should enable more human experiences, not replace them.

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